A Year in Review

Feb 13, 2019

Happy 2019 y’all! 

2018 was a year of hard work, struggle, deadlines and also tremendous blessings. It was a nonstop marathon to bring us to where we are today and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Here’s our year in review.


January/ February 

January 1st we launched our new vintage grain sack collection and they preeeeetty much all sold out in a couple hours.

We decompressed from the holiday season in lake Arrowhead {no snow, unfortunately!}

Mid January we flew to Idaho to “check it out” and came home land owners. Idaho was on our short list of states we were considering and we were not expecting to fall so hard in love with our current neighborhood! 

Family events had me flying to New York twice in January and February. Once with the family and once solo. 

February I flew to Idaho for a week to design the house. While I obviously missed my people, it was a heaven! 


March, April and May

We wrapped up the design for the house and signed all final docs and began the permit pulling process. We broke finally broke ground in May!

We packed up half the house in CA and filled up a storage unit with all things non-essential. 

Then was a mad dash to wrap up all projects. After living in a fixer upper {that we had, for the most part done ourselves} for nearly ten years there was a ton left to do to make the house ready to be shown.  We refinished and stained our fence, painted the bathrooms, our office and the kitchen cabinets and touched up paint around the house, refinished the floors and landscaped the backyard.

Spring also brought in record breaking volume for WLG! We cleared out the garage completely and moved production in to clear out the house. Many all nighters were pulled in the garage, and we were grateful for the warm CA climate! Ha!



Our house was listed on the first and sold in 3 days above asking price! It was then a month of needing to be out of the house and a moment’s notice, which meant we had to keep it sparkling clean-all the while packing up.



We moved out July 3rd and into our in-laws. We set up WLG in their garage. 

July was one of our biggest non-holiday volume months yet and the garage literally became a sweat shop. j and I would sew in 100+ degree heat and had fans strategically placed around.

In an effort to stay out of the house and our in law’s way, the boys were in camps during the week. I was so nervous and hesitant to have them gone, but they loved it and thrived. They took on golf, lego, the neighborhood day and farm camp. Weekends the boys and I would pack up for an adventure. It was our last hurrah of playing tourist in California and many memories were made. 



We headed to Palm Desert for a week as a family to rest and prepare for the next step of our move. We lounged by the pool, scooted and biked around the resort grounds. We also brought a giant tote of fabric with us and J cut fabric on the floor of our suite daily to get ahead. No rest for the weary!

On August 16 we packed up my car, J’s truck and loaded our giant sewing machines and back stock onto a trailer and drove to Idaho. We had to drive in one shot {due to the fact that we had animals and couldn’t spend the night in a hotel} and made it in 17 hours. We moved in to our friend’s house and set up WLG in their garage. We all slept together as a family in one giant room on their third floor.

The boys started school 4 days later. They loved their new school and immediately made friends.  




The boys thrived in school and J and I worked away in the garage. The weather grew cool and now, instead of sweating we were shivering! We’d layer on fleece jackets and place heaters around us. Weekends we spent exploring our new home as a family and fell even more in love with Idaho.



On October 16th we were able to {finally} move into our new house! And office! We kissed working in the garage goodbye and moved into our dream home…. only to be hit with the stomach flu hard on our first night!

We were immediately taken back by the kindness and support of our new neighbors. 10 men showed up the next day and moved everything out of the pods sitting all over our street, despite the fact that we had sick little ones upstairs. 

The end of October we launched the Christmas collection and y’all blew us away!



The response to our Christmas collection continued to be huge and we hustled away in our new office. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday were incredible, never in my wildest dreams could I have imaged our results. We are so grateful its just plain silly!



We worked our tails off {in our new, pretty office!} All nighters and 2 am wake ups to get orders out. We shipped everything by the cut off and then focused on having a quiet Christmas as a family.


Now that we’re here and {finally!} settled, there’s so much in store to come. We’re beyond thrilled about our new site and blog, we’ve launched a new collection {there’s more where that came from!} and we’re growing! 

While 2018 was obviously a year of challenge, we know that know test or sacrifice comes without blessing. Good and exciting things are ahead for this year and we’re so grateful to all of you for sharing it with us. 



Thank you for being here sweet friends!

Photos by my sweet friend Eryn Turner of E. Lea Photography. 




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