Our new home: the kitchen

Feb 22, 2019

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I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be showing y’all the details of our new home!

I thought it most appropriate to kick off with a tour of the kitchen. This space is the heart of our home and one of my favorites.

I’ve had many questions asking if our home was a custom or standard build. We did not do a custom build, this was a floorpan offered by our builders that we had toured. However, our builders were amazing and allowed us to pretty much customize anything and everything {which we did!} We bumped out walls, added shelves, cabinets, shiplap walls and built ins. I was able to send them shots or sketches and they were able to implement my vision seamlessly. I though this was the norm in a home build process, but in talking with others who have gone through a standard build it seems as though not many builders offer this kind of experience! If you are building, a highly encourage you to go with a builder who will work with you on the design and gives you the freedom to customize your home. Yes, you absolutely will need to pay for upgrades and customizations but you may as well pay to have it done right the first time and avoid the future cost of DIY projects or hiring contractors to add in elements.

One way we customized this space was by adding the top shelves to be flush with the ceiling. This was a major upgrade but so worth it! J and I couldn’t stand the space between the cabinets and the ceiling {and hello DUST!}, the upper cabinets make the room so much taller and it upgrades the space dramatically. We had them install small box cabinets or simply elongate the cabinets {as seen above the oven}.

When it came to the design and choosing the finishes it was all a no-brainer. I actually wish I had been more indecisive because the design meeting was so much fun and I didn’t want it to end! Ha!

I love the look of a two toned kitchen. Navy seemed the obvious choice. It helps to warm up the house {which is pretty much all white and black}, it’s classic and it’s timeless. We figured we always had the option to paint it back to white if we grew tired of it. There’s also cabinets on this side of the island too, which we added in and I LOVE. Having adequate kitchen storage was something we were seriously lacking in the old house and is now such a game changer! Half of these aren’t even filled!

And speaking of storage, there’s a butler’s pantry through those doors and I LOVE IT!! There’s a countertop, a bank of cabinets with open shelves on one side and floor to ceiling cabinets on the other. We keep our coffee maker, mixer and air fryer on the countertop in there {all used daily} and I love having them out of site! That’s also where all the non-parishable food lives. I have a wallpaper makeover in mind for this space so i’ll be showing ya’ll that soon {the one thing we chose not to have the builders install was wall paper, even though we have three spaces in mind that we want to wallpaper!}

The hardware is from Home Depot. I’m so in love with it. It’s gold, but a tarnished gold. it’s chunky and makes a statement. This was something else we bought ourselves, our builder just drilled the holes for us. I didn’t like any of the hardware that came standard, and their designer options were crazy $$$. If you are in a similar situation, talk to your builder about letting you purchase the hardware and giving it to the builder to install, drill holes, or at the very least make a template for you so installing the hardware is a breeze when you move in.

Our stove was a major upgrade but another no-brainer. We never eat out but love to cook so a quality stove was a must have. I love how this one has an “ultra low” simmer for simmering sauce or bone broth for longer lengths of time. Which is another tip: think about what is important for your family and invest in that for your home. We chose not to do a microwave {we never used ours}, which saved us money not only on the appliance but also the installation. We were able to upgrade not only the stove, but we chose two convection ovens as well.

In the design meeting, the designer talked me out of marble subway tile and I went with white. Her recommendation was that it would be “too much” with the quartz, and seeing how marble was so unique it would clash. After leaving the meeting and calling J I immediately shot our builder an email switching back to the marble. I love it SO MUCH and I’m so glad I switched back. Lesson learned: when it comes to design, always go with your gut!

I’ve kept the decor super minimal, keeping out only what we use {and what’s pretty and I truly love!} The smog appliances were an investment, but I use that tea kettle all day long as I keep hot water in my Hydro Flask and sip on it throughout the day. I’m also a big tea drinker. Plus they’re just so pretty!

Simple, pretty, everyday vignettes like this are my favorite. The other side of the stove has a marble tray {sidetone: I searched high and low for a simple, marble tray and finally found this one at Poterry Barn. I LOVE it and have it in our bedroom and master bath too!}. The tray holds vintage jars filled with tasting spoons, antique and wooden. I love having these handy for pulling out boiled eggs, tasting sauce and soups, etc. I have my cooking oils, salt and pepper and an antique little jar that usually holds vanilla or a homemade spice mix. I keep most of my cookbooks in a cabinet, but use Gwyneth Paltrow’s daily and love how they look stacked together so I keep them out. Purposeful and pretty, that’s the name of the game here!


White cabinet paint: snowbound by Sherwin Williams

Blue island paint: Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Countertops: Quartz, Bianco Perla

Backsplash: Emser Marble, Carrera Honed

Drawer pulls: Martha Stewart Living at Home Depot 

Cabinet knobs: Martha Stewart Living at Home Depot

Stove: Thermadore

Oven: Bosch

Lanterns over Island: Amazon

Tea Kettle: Smeg

Toaster: Smeg

Barstools: Amazon {these are so well priced and I LOVE how they look!}

Marble Tray: Pottery Barn

French Vintage jars: Etsy

Wooden tasting spoons: Magnolia

Vintage silver spoons: collected and inherited

Olive oil: Williams Sonoma

Large glass jars: Shady Oaks Farm

Olive Stems: Shady Oaks Farm

Glass rack {sold out, this is similar} : Shady Oaks Farm

Glasses on glass rack: Anthropologie

Copper pot with orchid: antique and inherited

Wooden tray and cutting boards: collected

Large white crock for wooden spoons: Pottery Barn

candle: diptyque

Cookbooks: It’s all good {my favorite for clean eating}

Cookbooks: My Father’s Daughter {love this one for yummy meals}

Cookbooks: It’s all easy 







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